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Vocabulary Exercise: Completion
Fill in the blanks with the appropriate terms about hard drives.

The most popular hard drive interface is IDE. There are two main types of IDE interfaces. They are parallel ATA and serial ATA. Of the two main types of IDE interfaces, serial ATA is faster than Parallel ATA. The Parallel interface uses a 40-pin ribbon cable. The Serial ATA interface uses a two-cable connector (a _-pin data connector and a __-pin power connector).

The transfer rate of Parallel is up to 133 Mbps. The transfer rate of Serial ATA begin at 150 Mbps.

The SCS Iinterface is used for high-end computers.

Vocabulary Exercise: Matching
Match the definition on the left with a term on the right.

Definitions Terms
a. Distance between the dots. _g___ resolution
b. How often per second the image is __j__ CRT
rebuilt, measured in hertz. _a___ dot pitch
c. High-definition multimedia interface. __c__ HDMI
d. Made primarily for consumer market: ___k_ LCD
CAMCORDERS, VCRs, DVD. __b__ refresh rate
e. Analog signal that offers excellent __h__ pixel
Quality. __e_ _RGB
f. An analog computer display standard that ___f_ S-video
offers a resolution of 640 x 480 and 16 __i__ color depth
Colors. ___l_ VGA
g. The number of pixels that can be displayed __d__ DVI
on the screen at one time, usually
expressed as the number of dots going
across and down the screen.
h. The dots used in a display to generate
text, lines, and pictures.
i. The amount of information that determines
the color of a pixel.
j. Older type of monitor that tends to be
heavy and bulky.
k. A thin, flat display device made up of any
number of color or monochrome pixels
arrayed in front of a light source or
l. Connector/interface that usually passes
digital video signals.

Concept Questions
Complete the following table:
Common Name
Color Depth
Number of Displayed Colors
16 colors (VGA)
4 bits
256 colors
8 bits
High Color
16 bits
True Color
24 bits

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