Apple Work From Home Chat Agent Jobs 2018 With Huge Pay

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Apple Work From Home Chat Agent Jobs 2018 With Huge Pay

apple work from home
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Did you know that there are Apple work from home chat positions? And unlike so many other home-based chat jobs you might come across, these are employee positions that offer great pay and benefits, plus they send you all the equipment you need to do the work. Also, I’ve read a lot of great feedback from people who are currently working this position. I’ve already written a fairly thorough review of working at home for Apple here. That post is kind of an overview of how the process works for just about any position, including the chat one. So I’m structuring this post a little differently since most of the basics are already included in that post.

First, I’m just copy/pasting the job description for Apple chat here. Below that are some points that share basic information I’ve learned about the application process and the job, plus where you can go to learn more. Note that the job description posted below is for iTunes chat. There is also an iOS chat position that is mostly just tech support.

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Chat Job Description

Every day, people do amazing things at Apple. What will you do? Here’s your opportunity to do meaningful work by providing world class chat support for the products that have made Apple an iconic technology company. Come join our team – we’ll provide you with an iMac to work from home, and train you to troubleshoot while keeping a focus on the customer. So when customers chat in with questions, you won’t just provide answers—you’ll provide an experience. As an At-Home Advisor for our iTunes Department you are the first point of contact for an expanded variety of customer types including end users and educational institutions. In this position you will take inquires from our customers to assist with diagnosing issues and handling account and product questions. You will resolve issues typically focused around specific product segments addressing both hardware and software issues. You will be responsible for reporting/escalating issues and problems through appropriate channels. This position comes with competitive pay, great benefits, stock opportunities, time off, an employee discount, and dedicated resources to support your ongoing growth and development.

Key Qualifications

  • 1-2 years experience in customer service/support environment or equivalent experience
  • Ability to problem solve
  • Strong organizational, written and verbal communication skills
  • Typing, minimum of 40 WPM
  • Apple product knowledge preferred
  • Discipline to work remotely from home
  • Availability to attend approximately 3 to 4 weeks of online training on a fixed schedule that may include weekends
  • Flexibility to work shifts between the hours of 7:00 a.m. CST and 11:30 p.m. CST including weekends
  • Successful completion of a pre-employment assessment and criminal background check
  • Successful completion of initial training


We’re looking for tech savvy people who can install, maintain, and troubleshoot personal hardware and software. You should be able to multitask across systems and applications, analyze and resolve a variety of complex technical issues, and comfortably navigate a Windows environment. You’ll need excellent verbal and written communication skills, as well as the ability to effectively prioritize and manage your time. Because you’ll work independently from home, you’ll need the discipline and ability to work remotely from coworkers and management.

Additional Requirements

A quiet workspace, ergonomic chair, and desk High-speed Internet service (2Mbps or better) from a reliable provider A dedicated telephone land line from a reliable carrier (must be installed before you start work)

Other Information

I’ve done some additional research on the chat job, and here are some other things you may be interested in knowing:

The location listed doesn’t matter. Unless the job posting specifically states that you must live within 100 mi. of the listed location, you can apply from anywhere in the US.

After you apply online, you may receive an email to set up a phone interview. If that goes well, there may be a second interview via Skype. If that goes well, they’ll go ahead and do your background check and if that comes back fine, you’ll get an offer.

The application process can take several weeks to complete before you start training. When I was browsing various forums for info, I saw SO many people saying they had given up on the job because they were getting no communication from Apple for weeks —  only to post again later saying they finally heard something.

There is a lot of paperwork to fill out and send off. It will be sent to you via FedEx after you get an offer and accept it.

They will let you know one way or another if you’re hired if you’ve had an interview. If you’ve never been contacted for an interview, you won’t hear anything at all if not hired.

You can re-apply at a later date if you don’t make it in, so don’t give up entirely. Just keep trying.

The Apple at home advisor pay is not the same for everyone. Your background, experience, and also your geographic location will factor in. However, many people claim the amount is usually in the teens.

Workers have to sign an NDA — this is why you won’t find much specific info online about the pay rate here.

There is a test to take. Many people recommend studying the iTunes support page to brush up on your Apple knowledge if you want to do well on the test.

This is not a job where you can log on and off and work when you feel like it. You have shifts you must stick to.

As mentioned in the job description, it helps if you know at least something about Apple products.

Where to Feedback On The Company

Another place I’d suggest going if you are curious about Apple work from home chat jobs is Glassdoor. This is a great website that allows employees from various workers to leave anonymous reviews.

How To Start As An Apple Work From Home Chat Agent

Go here to view the current Apple at home advisor jobs. Good luck if you apply, and please comment below if you’d like to share your own experience.

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