The Ultimate Web Marketing Guide 2018 / 2019

The Ultimate Web Marketing Guide 2018 / 2019

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You know I give a lot of information away for free on my pages. All these hints and tricks I give you are essential for becoming successful in online marketing. You might also have thought that there might be some other clues that lead you to success that we do not give away that easily. Well, I am afraid you are right. There is a difference between making $250 per month and $30.000 per month with web marketing. Now here are the good news for you now. I am giving away a special ebook the gives detailed information to all the questions you ever wanted to know. “The Ultimate Web Marketing Guide 2018 /2019” explains on 637 pages how the big money is made.

Now this is even getting better. I want you to be as successful as the big players.

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I know you have some wishes that need to be paid. Maybe you have a family and want just the best for them. Maybe a house. Some nice cars. Bahama vacation.

In order to get you started I will do something generous for you (I also feel better that way):

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Here is an excerpt of the Ebook displaying what you are going to learn:

Part I: Web Marketing 101
Revisiting Marketing Fundamentals
Back to Basics: What Is Marketing?
The New Basics: What Is Web Marketing?
Essential Web Marketing Skills
The Most Important Skill: Think Like the Customer
The Bottom Line
Understanding the Components of Web Marketing
Web Marketing Is Your Online Presence
Web Marketing Is Search Engine Marketing
Web Marketing Is Online Advertising
Web Marketing Is Email Marketing
Web Marketing Is Blog Marketing
Web Marketing Is Social Media Marketing
Web Marketing Is Online Public Relations
Web Marketing Is Multimedia Marketing
Web Marketing Is Mobile Marketing
The Bottom Line

Part II: Planning Your Online Activities
Balancing and Budgeting Online Activities
Creating an Effective Web Marketing Mix
Coordinating Your Web Marketing Activities
Setting Your Web Marketing Budget
The Bottom Line
Integrating Online and Traditional Marketing
Splitting Your Budget
Online and Traditional Analogs
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The Ultimate Web Marketing Guide
Which Activities Can You Eliminate?
Coordinating Web Marketing and Traditional Marketing
The Bottom Line
Online Research and Analysis
Quantitative Versus Qualitative Research
Researching Traffic Patterns with Web Analytics
Researching Customer Opinions with Polls and Surveys
Researching Customer Behavior with Comment Analysis
Researching the Competition
Researching Virtually Anything with Web Search
Other Sources of Online Research
The Bottom Line
Creating a Web Marketing Plan
Why You Need a Web Marketing Plan
Understanding the Elements of a Marketing Plan
Writing Your Marketing Plan
The Bottom Line

Part III: Website Presence
Designing an Effective Website
Creating Your First Website
Website Design: Keep It Simple
Be Wary of Technology—and Design
Content Matters
Navigating Your Site
Website Look and Feel
Consider Color
Creating Unique Landing Pages
The Bottom Line
Creating an Ecommerce Website
Different Ways to Sell
What Goes Into an Ecommerce Website?
Promoting Your Site
Utilizing Search Engine Marketing and Shopping Directories
Tracking Website Analytics
Understanding Web Analytics
Who Uses Web Analytics?
How Web Analytics Works
Key Web Analytics Metrics
What to Look For
Web Analytics Tools
Getting to Know Google Analytics
Search Engine Marketing
Understanding Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing Explained
How Search Engines Work
Examining the Major Search Engines
Essential Search Engine Optimization
What Search Engines Look For
Optimizing Your Site’s Content
Optimizing Your Site’s Keywords
Optimizing Your Site’s HTML Tags
<TITLE> Tags
Optimizing Your Site’s Design and Organization
Optimizing Inbound Links
Optimizing Images
Advanced SEO Techniques
Submitting Your Site to the Search Engines
Creating a Sitemap
The Ultimate Web Marketing Guide
SEO for Local Search
SEO for Mobile Search
SEO for Blogs
SEO Tools
Tracking Search Performance
Why It Pays to Improve Your Performance
What to Look For
Tracking Site Traffic with Web Analytics
The Ultimate Metric: Search Engine Rank
Tracking Individual Search Engine Performance
Third-Party Tracking Tools
Tracking Your Competitors

Part IV:  Online Advertising
Understanding Online Advertising
How Online Advertising Differs from Traditional Advertising
Different Payment Models
Types of Online Ads
Online Ad Technologies
Affiliate Marketing
Getting to Know the Big Players
Trends in Online Advertising
Pay-per-Click Advertising
Understanding Pay-per-Click and Contextual Advertising
Choosing the Right Keywords
Bidding the Right Price
Writing Effective Ad Copy
Creating PPC Image Ads
Maximizing Conversion with a Custom Landing Page
Download at www.wowebook.comTable of Contents
Choosing a PPC Ad Network
Other Sites for PPC Advertising
Display Advertising
Are Display Ads Effective?
When to Employ Display Advertising
Choosing a Payment Model
Setting a Display Ad Budget
Examining Rich Media Ads
Choosing a Display Ad Format
Best Practices: Creating Effective Display Ads
Where to Purchase Web Display Ads
Tracking Ad Performance
Using Tracking Tools
Evaluating Key Metrics
Testing and Tracking Ad Strategies
Email Marketing
Understanding Email Marketing
Email Marketing Is Big Business
Email Marketing Is Effective
Email Marketing Is Direct Marketing
Email Marketing Is Customer Retention Marketing
Email Marketing Is One-to-One Marketing
Email Marketing Is Database Marketing
Email Marketing Is Permission Marketing
Email Marketing Is Frequent Marketing
Email Marketing Is Inexpensive Marketing
Email Marketing Is Trackable Marketing
Building Email Mailing Lists
Creating an Email List
Purchasing or Renting Names
Managing Your Lists
Avoiding Spamming—by Asking Permission
Who Does the Work?
Developing an Email Marketing Campaign
Deciding What—and When—to Promote
Constructing the Promotional Message
Personalizing Your Mailings
What Not to Do
The Bottom Line
Tracking Email Marketing Performance
Determining Key Metrics
Tracking Email Data

Part V: Blog Marketing
Understanding Blog Marketing
Getting to Know the Blogosphere
What Are Company Blogs Good For?
Running Your Own Blog
Marketing to Other Blogs
The Bottom Line
Creating a Company or Product Blog
Why Create a Company Blog?
Where Should the Blog Reside?
Building the Blog
Designing Your Blog
Allowing Comments—or Not
Determining Who Contributes to the Blog
Deciding What to Write About
Writing Blog Posts
Optimizing Your Blog for Search
Common Corporate Blogging Mistakes
Promoting Your Blog
Marketing to the Blogosphere
Why Blogs—and Bloggers—Are Important
How to Get Bloggers to Notice and Mention You
Giving Bloggers Everything They Need
Buying Blog Placements
Tracking Blog Marketing Performance
Tracking the Performance of Your Company Blog
Tracking the Effectiveness of Your Blog PR Efforts

Part VI: Social Media Marketing
Understanding Social Media
Inside the World of Social Media
The History of Social Media
Examining Different Types of Social Media
Why Social Media Matters to Marketers
Developing a Social Media Marketing Strategy
Participating in Social Networking
What Goes On in a Social Network
Becoming Part of the Community
Monitoring Social Media
Responding to Online Comments
Marketing on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter
Marketing via a Facebook Fan Page
Marketing via a Facebook Application
Cross-Marketing with a Facebook Like Button
Utilizing More Facebook Social Plugins
Marketing on MySpace
Marketing with Twitter
Sharing and Bookmarking via Social Media
Constructing an Effective Social Media Campaign
Advertising on Social Media
Integrating Your Efforts Across Multiple Social Media
Tracking Social Media Marketing Performance
Tracking Hard Performance Metrics
Different Metrics for Different Social Media

PartVII: Evaluating Social Media Performance Subjectively
Online PR
Understanding Online PR
What Is Online PR—and How Does It Differ from Traditional PR?
Using the New Technology
The Benefits of Online PR
Developing New Sources and Techniques
Developing New Online Sources
Skills and Techniques for Online PR
Learning the Art of Online Press Releases
Creating an Online Press Room
Why Do You Need a Press Room on Your Website?
Stocking Your Online Press Room
Locating Your Online Press Room
Organizing Your Online Press Room
Informing Journalists of New News
Tracking Online PR Performance
Tracking Placements
Tracking Traffic and Conversions

Part VIII: Multimedia Marketing
Understanding Multimedia Marketing
What Is Multimedia Marketing?
Understanding Podcasts
Understanding Web Videos
Incorporating Multimedia into Your Marketing Mix
Podcast Marketing
Creating a Podcast: The Technical Details
Creating a Podcast: The Marketing Strategy
Distributing Your Podcast
Promoting Your Podcasts
Video Marketing
Is Web Video Right for Your Business?
Welcome to YouTube
How YouTube Works
What Kinds of Videos Work Best?
Creating a YouTube Video
Creating Compelling Content
Driving Viewers to Your Website
Promoting Your YouTube Videos—Organically
Advertising Your YouTube Videos
Tracking Multimedia Marketing Performance
Tracking Podcast Performance
Tracking Video Performance

Part IX: Mobile Marketing
Understanding Mobile Marketing
What Is Mobile Marketing—and Why Is It Important?
How Mobile Marketing Differs from Traditional Web Marketing
Exploiting Mobile Search
Developing a Mobile Marketing Strategy
Designing a Mobile-Friendly Website
Why You Need a Mobile Website
Creating a Mobile Website
Options: How to Host Your Mobile Site
Advertising on Mobile Devices
How Important Is Mobile Advertising?
Determining What Type of Advertising to Do—and Where to Do It
Creating a Mobile Ad
Targeting the Mobile Customer
Marketing via Mobile Apps
What Is a Mobile App—and Why Should You Care?
Building an Effective Mobile App
Marketing Your Mobile App
Tracking Mobile Marketing Performance
Tracking the Performance of Your Mobile Website
Tracking the Performance of Your Mobile Advertising
Tracking the Performance of Your Mobile Apps

Part XII: Online Marketing Management
Managing Your Web Marketing Activities
Managing Your Web Marketing Mix
Managing Your Staff
Managing Your Budget
Managing Results
Managing Change
Managing Management
Managing Your Time
Looking to the Future
Email Is Dying
Blogs Are Fading
Social Networking Is Taking Over
Mobility Matters
Narrowcasting Gets Big
All Marketing Is Local—and Global
Embracing Change


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If you are really into creating a career be sure to get the Ebook now.
I want you to get started right now so I give you a 30% discount on your first EBook.


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