Easy way to Build Backlinks 2018/2019 to Rank #1

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Easy way to Build Backlinks 2018/2019 to Rank #1

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Hi there. Thanks for stopping by. If you are here then you might what to know how to build backlinks 2018 or seo link building. I am going to give you some ideas on how to build your backlinks from various methods which turns out to be a very effective. Well you might have heard the name “backlinks” from various places. But do you know what it is?

First let me explain you what is backlink?

Backlinks are just links that make google believe in your site or trust your website or blog. I can promise you that without a single backlink you cannot rank top on the google search page. Let me tell you what actually is a backlink.

According to ShoutMeLoud.com,

Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage.When a webpage links to any other page, it’s called a backlink. In the past, backlinks were the major metric for the ranking of a webpage.

yes. I use this simple words for my friends for better understanding, Backlinks are like roads between two sites, that connect each other. below is the example of backlinking of sites.


backlinks to your website are a signal to search engines that others guarantee for your content that it is worth to believe or truth.

do you know many call backlinks with different names like incoming link, inbound links (IBL’s), inlink, inward link.


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Importance of backlink

Backlinks are like award. building each backlink make your blog or website more popular in the blogging world.

According to webconfs,

Backlinks are important for SEO because some search engines, especially Google, will give more credit to websites that have a good number of quality backlinks, and consider those websites more relevant than others in their results pages for a search query.

if you want your blog to rank in google first page, then your blog should have inbound links(a lot) so google can trust on your site so that google can provide its customers with quality contents and good internet experience.

The popular blogger, youtuber and successful billionaire and founder of neilpatel.com , Mr.Neil Patel said

“Backlinks will remain a vital Google ranking factor, but effective link building is now about trust and popularity.” 

I Hope with this you got a outline of what is inbound links and why it is important.

Next I’m gonna tell you

How will it help us in our website ranking?

You know why we are building inbound links. but do you know how it will help our site grow.

let me explain this to you.

you made a url writing a beautiful article to your website. Now the search engine got No Idea what’s your article is about.

so, I am telling you to submit your url for indexing. After indexing when you check for your ranking on google, squirrly shows your rank is in top 60.

so, now you are puzzled how to rank in top 10. There comes the saviour. Quality inbound links help you to grow you from those top 60 now.

But, The backlinks must be relevant to your keyword. Otherwise, It will not be considered as important backlink by our new google bots.

on the past days, every inbound links is considered good for you site by google algorithm, but according to new google algorithm only high quality inbound link is considered good for your site.

SO, I tell you to Choose your Backlinks wisely.



How can one build backlink 2018 way?

You now know some basics about what is backlink and and how it’s been used.

but, what you came here is for to know how to build backlinks 2018 way. I knew that 🙂

There are many different Methods one can grow his/her website backlinks in today’s competitive world.

But before doing it I think it will be better now to let you know the consequences of choosing the wrong or low quality backlinks.

There are more than 200 ranking factors google look upon for the quality of the site. The major ranking factors are given below in this pie chart.


In this chart you can see the most part consuming the google ranking factor is Authority of Domain and anchor text and anchor text strength or External link strength.

Other factor is on page seo. So, before thinking about Seo link building you must take this factors into consideration.

The pages whose Domain Authority and Other factors which i mentioned above is high, Linking to those pages will give you High quality Backlink.

If you do this you will get more quality traffic to your sites.

If you build low quality backlinks from sites like porn sites, free automatic backlink builder , there are chances you might get spammed yourself.

For your knowledge,these free automatic link builders, what they do is tricking the seo and make your site rank. But google keeps updating to stop these kind of actions.

So, when you got up by google, they can dramatically decrease your ranking which you never dreamt of or even block your site or content.

So, if you want to build links you have to choose correct high quality Backlink providers.

I can tell you some most important methods that can dramatically grow your high quality Backlink counts, but can take time. Backlink is all about patience.


Yes. you can buy quality Backlinks from the sites which offer organic backlinks .

you might heard or seen somewhere that some Offer Free quality backlinks, but After you check the qualities of the sites you are linked will be no relation to your niche. So, It might turn a plaque to your website.

I would suggest you Linksmanagement for  seo link Building. you can choose your Backlink from high quality sites which is related to your niche.

If you are buying 10 links every week it is enough for you to rank in top 10 in google search, According to linksmanagement.com.

If you don’t have money to buying high quality backlinks there are always an another way to proceed.

Just keep on reading.

Guest blogging in relevant websites:

The secret of getting High quality Backlinks is by Building Relations. You may ask how I can build relation if i know anybody.

You have the answer that if you don’t know anyone how will you make your blog visible to others.

Every influencers are ready to build relation If you get to them in a proper manner.

Ask them for a guest blogging opportunity. If they are ready, then you will get a high quality backlink as google trust them as they won’t allow duplicate content.

Guest blogging in your relevant niche websites will drive High quality traffic to your site who are interested in your content.

If you write unique quality article for their website, then you can even get more people to link to them which is more authority which transfers over to your website.

Benefits of guest posting.

There are many different benefits of guest posting. I have given some important benefits of guest blogging.

now let’s move on to the third technique.



infographics are the new method of communicating with our readers which has the tendency to attract more than blank text.

our brain deal in a different manner with images when compared to text.

Jeff bulls says in his article that

“Infographics” is one efficient way of combining the best of text, images and design to represent complex data that tells a story that begs to be shared.

use code generator Siegemedia, once you posted your infographic in your page. so, you will get copyright of that content and no one can use it without giving you backlink.

There are 5 Major reason why you should add infographics

  1. They got the tendency to go viral easily
  2. It benefits SEO
  3. The infographic can be shared by another blogger leaving you a backlink
  4. They are compelling and can attract viewers easily
  5. It can increase your traffic.

The more the traffic the more the chances of getting backlink easily to your webpage.



If you really want a high quality Backlinks, I would recommend you more to build a unique and a quality content.

Blog about something first, I mean result shows one who start a topic get his seo link building list filled.

Quality unique content can attract other bloggers easily and can make them use yours as source in their content leaving you with an inbound link.

The more unique your content = More Backlinks from other blogs.

If a high domain authority website link to your content then you will get more authority which transfer to your website.

so, build a highly compelling unique article for your blog to attract more backlinks to your site.

Ebooks or Learning materials.

You might seem in some websites that they provide ebooks and learning materials for free. After signing up you get their free ebook.

there is no surprise that why they are giving it free.

It is also a content marketing technique. you might seem some words highlighted when clicked opens a webpage.

Below is one of the example of ebooks cover that might attract the viewers.


so, more compelling the ebooks, the more it will be downloaded.

The more it is downloaded, the more backlink you can gain through your ebook.

You can add more than 10 links in your ebooks and can also promote your affiliate products through that.



As I mentioned Above in the GOOGLE RANKING FACTOR chart, Social signals got 11% of the google ranking method.

This social medias are linked to the search engines and will communicate about your blog activities.

So, the best way to increase high quality backlinks from those high ranked social networks is through linking your websites through them.

You can run facebook ads, insta ads, twitter ads which will help your site to have high authority juice flow.



One research say more than 90% of Internet users choose linking to the authoritative and credible researches and surveys, even it is underestimated by most.

If your research is based on true Data and Judgements and is relevant to your blog, Then it can be a powerful tool to build backlinks.

Researching about Something might consume a lot of time. But once you produce the result it will put your website forefront of being an authoritative resource.

If you got solid evidence that the research result is true, Other websites and bloggers might link to it because it makes them look more credible.

So, choose a topic and start your research right now and start to build backlinks from others.


There are many forums and directories available to post your blog posts.

Submitting your post in these directories will give you a back-link and will also help you to drive more traffic making them visible to most number of viewers and journalist.

But, you must be aware that not every directories and forums are friend to google and google doesn’t like you found on them.

You might get penalised or ranked down if you are found by google with them.

Be careful on choosing the forums and directories.

You can use lot of google friendly forums and directories found over the internet.

What makes a directories google friendly?

Google love their viewers. Some of the directories fail to give what the readers ask for making the readers disappointed or angry.

If readers get angry google gets angry because those directories hurts google love.

So, what I am trying to say is a good directory is something that respond to its viewers with what they want and make them happy.

some of the google friendly directories are

  1. Bloggernity.com
  2. BloggingFusionBlogDirectory
  3. Dmoz
  4. jasmine
  5. Digg

these are some old friends of google where it is safe to submit your website or blog to build backlinks 2018 style.

So, posting your blogs to directories is also one of the effective method to build backlinks.


Your testimonials on high DA websites can also help you to build a strong backlink to your site and can drive more traffic.

Testimonials of yours in other websites related to your niche is the simplest way for you seo link building strategy.

You are just going to compliment other products in others website where they give back you backlink to your site.

See, writing a 2 to 8 lines in a websites can give you backlink. It is easy right.

Try this and you build your inbound links to your site.

Going on to another method to increase your link list.



Commenting on other Blogs will also help you to gain some backlinks.

There are so many positive things about blog commenting apart from negatives.

  1. Commenting on relevant blogs will build you a backlink if it is a Do-follow comment.
  2. It will help you grow your relation between influencers.
  3. Help you to get small amount of referral traffic
  4. Build Relevancy among the influencers site and more.

You can comment on ones website to build backlinks but in a way of complimenting them. but don’t spam it.


What will be the easiest method to build backlinks 2018 or Seo link building.

When coming to seo link building, It takes lot of time to build a proper list of backlinks.

GUEST BLOGGING and TESTIMONIALS are some of the most easiest method to get high quality backlink. But for each guest posting will get one inbound link.

Fastest way to get inbound link is BUYING BACKLINKS. It also take little time, but you will get high Authoritative inbound links if you are ready to spend some cash.

However CREATING INFOGRAPHICS, CREATING QUALITY CONTENT, COMMENTING are also the same, but will help you to grow inbound links quickly.

Seo link building will take time. But it can be done more quickly, if you have a unique quality content and are buying quality backlinks according to me.


If you like this article Easy way to Build Backlinks 2018/2019 to Rank #1 and thought might help someone please share this in your social media or mail. Sharing takes less than a second but can make huge impact. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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