How to get the maximum out of Swagbucks and make some real money

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How to get the maximum out of Swagbucks and make some real money

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If you’ve heard about friends making money online using Swagbucks and you are wondering if it’s really worth it.

The answer is YES

It’s A Great Way To Make Extra Cash If You’re Just Using It To Browse The Web! 

Today I want to give you the complete picture of the Swagbucks program and my personal take on this online rewards system.

What are Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a free membership website that allows people to join their site in order to make extra cash online.

Swagbucks really works as an online rewards program that offers it’s users multiple ways of earning their Swag Bucks, which is a virtual currency, that can be traded in for

• Real Cash in the form of PayPal Cards

• Local Coupons

• Gift Cards and

• Sweepstakes


How to Earn Swagbucks?

There are multiple ways to earn Swag Bucks by completing various tasks online. Here’s are some of the tasks you can perform to start earning Swag Bucks today.

• Searching the web: Use the Swagbucks web browser and custom search engine just like you would use Google, Bing, or Yahoo. However, by using the browser, you can get paid for doing nothing more than surfing the web.

This is a very similar concept like using a Rewards Credit Card. You make normal purchases, pay them off each month, and get paid a small percentage.

• Special Offers: You complete special offers from 3rd party companies in order to receive Swag Bucks. But be leery about this option. Many Special Offer programs have been known not to pay out any cash whatsoever. Better to just stay away from these offers altogether.

• Watching TV: Users can watch videos to receive Swag Bucks, but the maximum amount that you can earn in a day is 150 Swag Bucks. This is about the equivalent to $1.50. This seems like a horrible way to make money online and I would avoid this as well.

• Taking Surveys: Taking short surveys can earn you Swag Bucks, but not always. You have to qualify to be rewarded Swag Bucks after you take the surveys. Again, a huge time waster for very little money.

• Shopping: By making normal purchase that you would normally do online, you can accumulate Swag Bucks. This is a positive way to make money for a purchase that you’re going to make anyways, so worth checking into this option as well.

• Completing Online Tasks: Performing small tasks like testing online promotions, completing research assignments, or testing online discounts. Again, a big waste of time for very little compensation.

• Playing video games: Testing out new video games can earn you Swag Bucks, but again, plan on making chump change for your time.

• Trading in your used electronics, video games, and consoles: You can earn money trading in old clutter around your home, but again, it’s not much money. Better to give it to Goodwill and take the tax deduction or sell it on eBay, Craigslist, or at a garage sale.

What Are Swag Bucks Worth

Although the Swag Buck and the USD currency fluctuate, in general…

One Swag Buck = One Cent

Misconceptions About Swagbucks

Many people think the Swagbucks search engine is associated with and provides the same results as Google. But this is not the case according to

The Swagbucks website makes money from Google sponsored search results, and has a similar layout to Google, but it’s search results are a combination from multiple sources and are not the same as Google’s search results.

Pros of Using the Swagbucks Program

Users are awarded Swagbucks for completing simple tasks. The most prevalent and useful form of earning Swag Bucks is by searching the web, make the Swagbucks search engine your home browser and search the web like normal.

“This Is The Only Real Value To The Swagbucks Program, In My Opinion”.

If you have a job where you spend a great deal of time online, your Swag Bucks can add up rather quickly to where you can earn an extra $200/mo. It’s kind of like the same concept of making money off your credit cards. I make an extra $1,200 – $1,500/year off of mine.

Start right now with Swagbucks: CLICK HERE


What Are The Rewards?

Once you accumulate your Swag Bucks, you can cash them out for gift cards to popular retail stores like Amazon, Starbucks, Best Buy, iTunes, etc.. Although Amazon has a limit that you can only cash out a giftcard for $5.00 per month. Kind of pain in my opinion.

Normally you’ll get a bit more purchasing power from gift cards than you do for taking your payment in cash.

Get Started Making Cash With Swagbucks?

1). Create your free account in just a few seconds using this link here.

2). Once you’ve got your account set up, click in the search engine and you’ll see this page below.


3). Click the link that says Make this my homepage and begin using the Swagbucks search engine on a daily basis just like you would with Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

4). Now you can start earning Swag Bucks by using their search browser on a daily basis.

Click Here To Get Started Earning Swag Bucks Right Away & Get An Additional 70 Swag Bucks By Signing Up Using This Link!

Happy Swagging!

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