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Social Media Traffic Share Boost Through These 10 Headline Formulas

Want to know something scary? No one is reading your blog posts. But they are reading the headlines you put on them on Social Media. It’s true. And a rather silly satirical article that went viral is a perfect example of how I know this. That link is to an article by the satire site The…
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Social Media Analytics

Social Media Traffic Analytics: 12 Hidden Reports to See if Your Social Strategy is Working (for Webmasters only) 2018

Social Media Traffic is a huge opportunity for growing your business. From organic reach to paid ads, social media gives you the ability to build traffic, engagement, and sales. The problem is that even when you follow all the steps to create profitable campaigns, how do you really know they’re working? Only 43% of B2C marketers measure…
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Website Traffic Over Conversions – Why your should always priotirize Traffic (for Webmasters only) 2018

Let me start by getting the obvious out of the way. Conversions matter, Website Traffic matters, too. I’m not going to try to convince you in this blog post that you shouldn’t test for conversions or that conversions will magically happen without any work by generating website traffic. Here’s what I am going to try…
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Bounce Rate is a Lie. Here’s How to Force it to Tell the Truth (for Webmasters only) 2018

Have you ever had a shockingly high bounce rate? I mean high — like, 90% or more? I see this all the time, even on my own site. But it doesn’t always worry me. Some people really panic when they see bounce rates over 50%. Most people assume that if a bounce rate is over…
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Medium for Marketing: How to Get 1,000 Followers and 46,287 New Site Visits in 30 Days (for Webmasters only) 2018

You’re done writing for the day (without Medium for Marketing). You hit ‘publish’ on your latest blog. And another masterpiece has made it online. Crickets. You’ve been watching your page views and post engagement for months now. It seems like you are getting some traction, but instead of celebrating with your team, you’re disappointed. Again.…
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Instagram Multi-Image for Professionals

Instagram Multiple-Image Posts – 10 of the Best Ways to Use It (for Pros only) 2018

Visual content is dominating the social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.) landscape. Adweek cited a study last year with a sample size of 300 marketers, where 53% of participants indicated 91-100% of their published content as visual content. This trend is rising with Instagram. It’s safe to say that visual content drives engagement harder (and faster) than…
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How to Grow Your Social Fans and Traffic by 400% With User-Generated Content (for Webmasters only) 2018

User-generated content (UGC) is a marketing goldmine in order to grow your social fans. If you know how to use it, it can create a snowball effect of higher engagement and more social followers. Are you taking advantage of the right opportunities to let your users market for you? Nine out of ten online consumers…
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