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7 Moneymaking Apps to Turn Your Phone into a Passive Income Machine

The average American adult spends about 86 hours a month on their smartphone.  What could you do with 86 extra hours a month? Train for an Ultramarathon? Learn a new language? Make money? Instead of giving up your smartphone addiction. (Who wants to do that anyway?) Why not turn your addiction into a moneymaking machine?…
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Seven Things That Suck About Being an Entrepreneur and How to Outsource Them

How much is your time worth? People have probably spent more time than it’s worth thinking about this question. If you’re curious, you can spend some of your precious time figuring out how much your time is worth by using an online tool. Or you could just keep reading this article. The truth is, time…
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How to Plan Anything (So You Actually Get It Done)

My formula for planning anything without getting overwhelmed, plus how you can use it to write the perfect blog post! Have you ever tried to plan something and just gotten completely overwhelmed? Today, I’m going to give you my PAT formula for planning anything—along with the one tool I use to make any planning process…
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How to Get More Email Subscribers (17 Lead Magnet Ideas)

Want to grow your email list? Here are seventeen ideas for effective lead magnets—resources and tools that will help subscribers hit the ground running and turn them into fans, too. Want to learn how to get more email subscribers? One of the best ways to do so is through a tried-and-true method: offering a lead…
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5 eCommerce Tips to Help You Compete With the Big Kids

In a world where two internet giants own the entire eCommerce world, one lone entrepreneur seeks to steal the coveted “Piece of the Pie.” Many have failed, a handful have succeeded. It is up to you, entrepreneur, to convert leads and sell products. How will you proceed? The battle for the eCommerce sphere continually feels…
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How to Make Money on Facebook and Earn Your Fortune: The Ultimate Guide for Marketing Students

Since its release in 2004, Facebook has fundamentally altered the landscape of the internet. What was once a simple online hub for meeting and talking with friends has now become one of the world’s largest companies with over 2.2 billion individual users! That means that today’s marketing students have a new avenue that offers more…
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How Many Eggs Are in Your Basket? 5 Investment Ideas that Require Few Dollars

Ever wonder why Martin Scorsese opened the film “The Wolf of Wall Street” with a coke addled investment banker hiring a green behind the ears wannabe? Because chasing high returns is addictive as cocaine. It’s an ironic foreshadow. And chasing high returns is about as unwise as getting addicted to cocaine. Which is why we’re…
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Affiliate Marketing Strategies – How to Adapt to the Changing Times

Affiliate marketing is one of the greatest business models and opportunities in the world today. Anyone can start a business no matter where they are located, how much money they have, or even what language they speak or the type of education they have. However, as great as affiliate marketing is, if you’re going to…
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Top 5 Side Hustle Ideas

You could be making exponential amounts of extra cash if you do this one thing. Start a side hustle. The days of “getting by” on your bi-weekly paycheck are over; when the work day ends, people start making money with their part-time job or side venture. Not only does this increase your overall income, it…
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