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Apple Work From Home Chat Agent Jobs 2018 With Huge Pay

Did you know that there are Apple work from home chat positions? And unlike so many other home-based chat jobs you might come across, these are employee positions that offer great pay and benefits, plus they send you all the equipment you need to do the work. Also, I’ve read a lot of great feedback…
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Why Warren Buffett Still Uses a Flip Phone

Why doesn’t Warren Buffett use a smartphone? Because he’s “out of touch.” His words. Not mine. But why are people even asking this question? Because Warren Buffett owns a large chunk of Apple. And Apple is best known for its iPhone. Even when the CEO of Apple asked Buffett if he wanted one of the…
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7 Moneymaking Apps to Turn Your Phone into a Passive Income Machine

The average American adult spends about 86 hours a month on their smartphone.  What could you do with 86 extra hours a month? Train for an Ultramarathon? Learn a new language? Make money? Instead of giving up your smartphone addiction. (Who wants to do that anyway?) Why not turn your addiction into a moneymaking machine?…
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