Top 10 SEO Blogs to Read If You Want to Increase Website Search Traffic 2018 / 2019

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Top 10 SEO Blogs to Read If You Want to Increase Website Search Traffic 2018 / 2019

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Whether you agree it or not, most SEO strategies are constantly changing. The SEO factors that worked an year ago won’t work today and the things that are working now won’t work year after! SEO is a BIG industry where you need to constantly learn latest SEO trends to master the game of SEO. Without keeping an eye on SEO updates, you are going to fail miserably in increasing your website search traffic. If you are searching for best SEO blogs, this post is a one stop guide for you where I’m going to share few top SEO blogs that you must read.

The main reason for me to write this post was not only to compile the most influential SEO blogs but also to help you in saving your time for finding the best content on creating a search engine friendly blog. Make sure to subscribe to all the SEO blogs mentioned in this post if you want to get the most out of them.

Note: The following list of top SEO blogs are listed in no particular order. And I’ll be updating this page whenever I find a blog on SEO that’s really useful, so make sure to bookmark this post.



Top SEO Blogs You Shouldn’t Miss Out


1. Moz

If you are aware of the term SEO, you should have probably heard the name “Moz”. Moz is one of the most influential SEO blogs around the web right now. It is not only backed by industry leading SEO data but it has the largest SEO community on the globe!

Moz also has a lot of SEO tools that will help you increase your search traffic and understand your audience better. Their Beginner’s Guide to SEO is probably the most read page on the Internet (read by over a million people worldwide). They also have a “Pro” version that includes tools and forum support that will help you reach your SEO goals.

Blog owner: Rand Fishkin (Twitter Id)

Founded in: 2004

2. Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch is well-known for its articles and frequent updates on SEO. It is one of the oldest SEO blogs on Internet that was founded back in 1996 by Danny Sullivan.

If you want to learn the latest SEO trends, this blog is for you. This top SEO blog mostly covers the best SEO tools and frequent Google changes to help people better understand the SEO trends.

Blog owner: Danny Sullivan (Twitter Id)

Founded in: 1996

3. Backlinko

Who else wants to take their SEO to the next level? Backlinko is the place to go if you are searching for proven SEO methods to increase your website traffic.

Not only Brian Dean (Owner of Backlinko) covers actionable SEO tips but he also shares the most insightful case studies on SEO that will open the floodgates for your organic traffic if you implement!

Blog owner: Brian Dean (Twitter Id)

Founded in: 2012

4. Search Engine Land

Want to find out the latest trends in SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (Paid Search Advertising) and SEO? Then, make sure to bookmark Search Engine Land. This is one of the industry’s most trusted SEO blogs on the web that is read by millions of people every month.

Blog owner: Danny Sullivan (Twitter Id)

Founded in: 2006 by Sullivan after he left Search Engine Watch

5. Search Engine Journal

SEJ (Search Engine Journal) generally uses a community based approach to search marketing content to attract visitors from search engines. Almost every article that gets published on SEJ is from marketing experts who share their thoughts.

This blog mainly focuses on important SEO trends, news, SEO strategies etc. They also frequently provide in-depth subject guides to help marketers succeed in the space of SEO.

Blog owner: Loren Baker (Twitter Id)

Founded in: 2003

6. SEO Book

If you want to learn the best SEO practices, then Aaron Wall’s SEOBook is for you. This is the must read SEO blog if you want to boost your traffic from search engines. This top SEO blog not only covers all the actionable SEO guides but also provides an inside training program that will help you increase your search traffic.

SEO book also offers the industry leading SEO training program that covers

  • over 100 custom training modules
  • a private support community that is simply unmatched by any other SEO conference or SEO forum
  • exclusive premium tools
  • monthly newsletters, member’s only videos, process flowcharts & custom SEO spreadsheets and many more

Blog owner: Aaron Wall (Twitter Id)

Founded in: 2003

7. Search Engine Roundtable

The mission of Search Engine Roundtable is to provide a single source for the reader to locate the most interesting threads covered at the SEM forums. This blog also shares latest updates from Google like ranking and algorithm factors, link building tips to help marketers to grow their search engine traffic.

Blog owner: Barry Schwartz (Twitter Id)

Founded in: 2003

8. SEO Nick

If you are looking for real case studies on SEO that will explode your search traffic, SEO Nick is the perfect blog for you. If you love SEO case studies, real data and articles that include actual insights, SEO Nick is the right fit. This is an emerging yet most insightful blog on SEO that is a wealth of SEO knowledge.

Blog owner: Nick Eubanks (Twitter Id)

Founded in: 2012

9. Yoast

Have you lately started using WordPress SEO by Yoast? It is one of the widely used SEO plugin (Free) to perform on-page optimization to boost your blog traffic. Yoast covers SEO, WordPress optimization, online marketing and content strategies to help marketers succeed in SEO.

Blog owner: Joost de Valk (Twitter Id)

Founded in: 2010

10. SEO Chat

If you want to stay up to date with the trendy algorithm updates about SEO along with the most insightful analysis posts on SEO, SEO Chat is for you. SEO Chat covers mostly SEO strategies and latest updates. They also provide a lot of free SEO tools to discover what SEO strategies work best for your site. Make sure to check out their free tools if you want to find the common issues on your websites.

Blog owner: Jim Boykin (Twitter Id)

Founded in: 2003

Final Thoughts About Top SEO Blogs in the Industry

SEO is not SEO anymore.

You have to build engaging user community on your blogs if you want to bring massive traffic from search engines. For that, you not only need to create great content but you also have to follow the latest SEO trends and best SEO practices. This is where reading top blogs on SEO helps you reach your goals.

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I guarantee that by following the list of best SEO blogs mentioned in this page, you’ll definitely get a better idea about the SEO changes.

Which top SEO blogs do you follow regularly? Did I miss any of your favorite SEO blog in this post? Please leave your comment if I did so.


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